Ultimate Life Planner Notion Template (3x)

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Looking for the perfect template to manage your life? Our bundle with 3 template designs is perfect for you. Choose between our spring, aesthetic or studio ghibli template and organize your life better now

Organize your daily life with our all-in-one ultimate notion life planner. The notion template includes +50 pre-built tools & +100 pages. The Life planner template is the only template to organize your life and achieve your goals. This powerful aesthetic notion template included many tools as notion meal planner, notion fitness & workout, notion finance and more.

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Notion is a powerful no-code productivity tool. This application is indispensable for both self-employed workers and business professionals. It is also a perfect tool to manage your side project. The application is free.

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★★★★★: This template is so cute! I only needed it because I wanted to use the section for school but I ended up using the other stuff too. It’s very well organized and neat so that I can plan my life without getting stressed. I really like it 🤍

★★★★★: I’m completely in love with this template and I’m definitely going to be using it actively, I really love Studio Ghibli and this template makes me so happy c:

★★★★★ : Still learning to use Notion. Actually, I first bought this and then installed the app. It’s a gorgeous layout and has so many pages that will sure come in handy once I learn to use it!! Love ten Pages for schoolwork nad language learning especially



-Daily Routine

-Habit Tracker

-Tasks Hub


-Content Calendar



-2023 Resolutions

-Flowtime Technique


-Reading List

-Daily Journal

-Random Links


-Mood Tracker

-Date Ideas

-Trip Planner

-Sleep Tracker

-Dream Tracker

-Language Hub

-Meditation Tracker

-Hydration Tracker


-Course Planning

-Class Notes


-What to Pack For College?

-Job Applications

-Pomodoro Timer



-Recipes Gallery

-Ingredients Database

-My Kitchen

-Cooking Videos

-Shopping List




Our Notion Template Bundle includes :

Ultimate Planner Notion Template :

Studio Ghibli Notion Template

Spring Ultimate Life Planner Notion template


-Free updates

-Beautiful visuals throughout to stay inspired for the whole year

-Compatible on desktop, tablet, and mobile

-Lifetime updates and priority customer support

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1 Ultimate Life Planner Notion Template
Aesthetic Edition
1 Ultimate Life Planner Notion Template
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1 Ultimate Life Planner Notion Template
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Ultimate Life Planner Notion Template (3x)

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