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Studio Ghibli Life Planner Notion Template

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☀️Are you a Studio Ghibli fan?

Do you want to organize your life with an aesthetic template? Our all-in-one Notion template is just what you need. Enjoy the most powerful animated Notion Template designed for Studio Ghibli lovers.

Get your daily life together with our all-in-one ultimate Notion life planner. The Studio Ghibli Notion Template includes +75 pre-built tools & +200 pages. The only template you need to organize your life and achieve your goals. This powerful aesthetic Notion template includes many tools such as a Notion meal planner, Notion fitness & workout, Notion finance and more.

Over 1500 Happy Customers ★★★★★

See what people think about our Studio Ghibli Notion Template:

★★★★★: This template is so cute! I only needed it because I wanted to use the section for school but I ended up using the other stuff too. It’s very well organized and neat so that I can plan my life without getting stressed. I really like it 🤍

★★★★★: I have used a lot of Notion templates, and this is by far my favorite! Very comprehensive, everything is linked properly, love the theme (especially the GIFs), and it was very simple to download and use! I would definitely get another Notion template from this shop.

★★★★★ : Absolutely adorable and super easy to navigate! I love how they’re linked so nicely and there’s plenty of different pages you can use to fit your needs. Lastly, it’s STUDIO GHIBLI. Need I say more? YOU HAVE TO GET ONE 🫶

🎁 What's Inside :

  • 📈 Productivity : Plan, Daily Routine, Habit Tracker, Tasks Hub, Goals, Bucketlist, Notes, Flowtime Technique, Pomodoro Timer.
  • ☀️ Wellness : Reading List, Daily Journal, Random Links, Wishlist, Skincare, Mood Tracker, Date Ideas, Trip Planner, Sleep Tracker, Dream Tracker, Language Hub, Meditation Tracker, Hydration Tracker, Cleaning Tracker.
  • 🎓 School : Course Planning, Class Notes, Resume, What to Pack For College ?, Job Applications, Pomodoro Timer, Networking.
  • 🥙 Nutrition : Recipes Gallery, Ingredients Database, My Kitchen, Cooking Videos, Shopping List, Pantry.
  • 💰 Finance : New Income, New Expense, Expenses by category, Income by category, Expenses Calendar, Income Calendar, Monthly Recap, Accounts Balance
  • 🏃‍♀️Fitness : Weekly Fitness Planner, Exercises, Workout Library, Fitness Tracker, 30 days challenge, Workout videos, Gym Equipment, Progress Photos, Measurement & Weight Tracker
  • 📍Index


  • Free updates
  • +30 tutorial videos
  • Customer service

❓ How it Works ?

1. Purchase (Instant Download)

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‼️ F.A.Q.

Does this template work with Notion’s free plan?

Yes. This template will perfectly work if you are on Notion’s free plan. There are absolutely no limitations for personal use.

Does this template come with specific documentation?

Yes. This template includes many tutorial videos with clear instructions. This will allow you to understand the template’s structure and easily get started with it.

Can I personalize my template?

Of course! Once you duplicate the template into your Notion workspace, you are free to make any changes you like. You can customize your databases, views, and more…

What do I get when I buy your template?

When you purchase one of my templates, you will instantly receive a PDF with instructions and a link to the notion template.

👋🏻 About me

Hi, I'm Juju creator of Wethenotion. I've been using Notion for a few years and started creating templates 1 year ago. In love with this app, I created templates with the goal of helping you better manage all aspects of your life. 

Thanks to my design skills, I try to create aesthetically pleasing templates for you. All my templates come with video tutorials to help you understand how to use the tools. They're easy to use, even for beginners. 

What I love is helping you, so if you have any problems, please feel free to contact me by email. I'll be happy to help (I respond very quickly ;)

Then you're in the right place! Here are the links if you want to follow my adventure as a Wethenotion creator




If you have any questions, feel free to message me at

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Studio Ghibli Life Planner Notion Template

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